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The history of Zummo Meat Company goes back to 1908, when Mr. Frank Zummo organized Zummo Meat Packers and occupied part of the Tolivar Cold Storage building at the corner of Trinity and Washington (now Gilbert Street) in Beaumont, Texas. Eleven years later, fire destroyed the building, but even this setback couldn’t stop Mr. Zummo’s growing business, which had expanded from one horse and wagon to a fine double horse team.


The early beginning. Mr. Zummo and the one-horse wagon.

The plant tripled its previous capacity and could process 5,000 head of cattle and 2,000 head of hogs monthly. The Zummo family held an open house to celebrate the opening of the new plant, and people from all over the Golden Triangle flocked to taste the heritage that Zummo’s is known for.

Today, Zummo Meat Company’s products are distributed in grocery stores throughout 40 states. These sausage and boudin products continue to be recognized for their high quality and great taste. Zummo’s popularity has prompted many variations on serving techniques and recipes that include its products, many of which are available on this website.

Zummo Meat Company is grateful for the contributions made by prior generations of employees and family members. Frank, Greg, and Mark Zummo are committed to carrying on the Zummo tradition of the manufacturing the finest quality products. The key ingredient to these products is to employ quality people that care about the products that they manufacture. Zummo’s is fortunate to employ about 200 such good people.



The Zummo Company moved to College and Trinity in 1919, and in 1924 opened a branch in Port Arthur, where Mr. Zummo leased the city abattoir and eventually bought it from the city.

1925 saw the construction of the Zummo Packing Company plant on Port Arthur Road in Beaumont. In 1932 the Zummo Meat Company moved to the city abattoir, and in 1948 purchased the abattoir from the city. In 1952 Zummo remodeled the plant and built a smokehouse, sausage room, and sales room, further expanding the operations of the company. In 1961, a $500,000 plant became the culmination of the Zummo dream, the fulfillment of years of growth and planning.


A customer being served Zummo’s sausage at the 1961 open house.

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